Sunday, 21 April 2013

New launch: CND Vinylux

CND are a brand who I would consider pioneers in the nail world.  In the last few years alone they've brought us Minx, Shellac and Rockstar Nails which have all led to real changes in the industry and the way that salons do nails.

So I was intrigued to hear that they're launching a new range: CND Vinylux - 62 colours that can be applied to the nails without basecoat and without the need for UV lamps.  You use a Weekly Top Coat which is formulated to become more durable when exposed to natural light to reduce the number of chips that occur.  Apparently it dries in 8 1/2 minutes and removes an acetone-based polish remover in just one minute.

I'd be interested to try this but I don't think it will replace gel polish for me.  I can see how it would work for people like nurses or shift workers etc who maybe can't wear polish all the time for work but want to wear a long lasting polish that they can remove themselves.

More information, including colours and application details can be found at AllLacqueredUp or watch a sneak peek video here.

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