Sunday, 28 April 2013

Lovers of Lashes False Eyelashes in #022 Asia

I love it when I get an email to review something totally up my street, you know, something that I would buy myself without trying first. Check out these lashes I was sent from Lovers of Lashes, they're a style I would wear - full and feathery - albeit maybe a little longer than I'd usually try which makes them more of a night out/occasion lash for me.
Despite saying they're more of a night out lash, I actually wore these from day to night.  I've removed my lash extensions for the time being (first time completely since January!) but I think I'd forgotten quite how short my real lashes are...perfect time to try these out.
These didn't come with glue, which isn't a problem for me as I had Revlon Lash Precision Glue recommended to me so I wanted to try that out - worth keeping in mind if you're not as lash obsessed as me though and you don't have spare glue around.
The band on these was thin and flexible which again is my preference as I find them much easier to apply than a thick, stiff band. These were easy to apply/position and didn't feel too heavy or unnatural on, though at first I could really tell I had them on. They stayed on all day/night without the need for any top ups or emergency fixes (always a good thing especially if you've had a little tipple!)
I actually really liked the style of these lashes - they're quite long which I think makes people realise they're false but they're so light they don't look fake (if that makes any sense!).  I think they were possibly a little OTT for the daytime but I thought they looked great, they don't look took wispy for night time either and I think a night time occassion is probably when I'll next wear these.
These lashes came off with no problems and could easily be stored and used again. There's a whole range of 100% mink lash styles on their website all priced between £10-£15 so you should be able to find one for you. They're really reasonably priced too and as you can reuse them, well worth it.  I'd definitely use Lovers of Lashes eyelashes again.
For more information about Lovers of Lashes visit:

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