Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Ted Baker Under The Sea Seahorse Make Up Bag

I saw this in last months Boots Health & Beauty Magazine and when I couldn't see it on the Boots website I emailed them to ask when it was likely to be available as the Boots near me is pretty small and doesn't tend to stock a really wide variety of things.  I do live a 10 minute train journey from the big Boots in Manchester though so I can always pop there if there's something I really want.

Unfortunately Boots emailed back to say that the item had been discontinued and wouldn't be available. Booo!  I love seahorse stuff so it was a bit disappointing as in the magazine it was down as Boots exclusive.

However, I spotted this Ted Baker stuff on ASOS (not that I'm obsessed with it or anything) in the same design as the make up bag I wanted and while I really like the flip flops and the cover up, they're kind of expensive and with the flip flops you won't even see the design.  I might get the cover up for my holidays if I can find some sort of big discount code...

Anyway to cut a long story short, I was checking Ebay to see if I could find the cover up cheaper and I found a seller who was selling the make up bag I wanted and another version so I was all over that.

I think I'm going to save this make up bag for my holidays as it's a decent size to get everything plus it's a bit too pretty just to carry around in my bag to get grubby.  I was given a small pink PVC one a little while ago that I use every day because it's easy to keep clean and carry my little bits and pieces around.  It's bright pink inside (and wipe clean!) and has a little zip pocket to stash things in there.  I love the enamel zip too, how cute is that?

This doesn't seem to be available on the Ted Baker website but as I said I bought mine from Ebay - there are other items available with the same design as above!


  1. That's really sweet. My make up bags are from poundland but they're super pretty, I can't resist every time I see new one. Designs include cherry blossoms, luggage tags, matryoshka's and geisha's xo

  2. This is so pretty and a great holiday make-up bag, I love the cute zip :) xx

  3. oh wow this is so pretty! Well done on your detective skills!

  4. Hmm I've actually just spotted a display of these in Boots (a small one near my work)...seems I've been told porkies then!

  5. Gorgeous bag, I love it! I must get it for my friend, I think she'll like that


  6. Ted baker was my formal dress :') I love the brand now hahahah *biased, but no really the seahorse design is so whimsical, gorgeous girl! xx

  7. These are Boots exclusives and are only ever sold in Boots... look out as they have new designs each S/S and A/W!


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