Saturday, 3 November 2012

Dior Grand Bal Collection - false eyelashes in 002 Gold Crystals

Now available nationwide, Dior's Grand Bal collection sees the brand branching out into false lashes for the first time - 001 Pearl Drops and 002 Gold Crystals.  I was sent 002 Gold Crystals to review so here they are:
The packaging is very typically Dior - gold, opulent and luxurious.  Even the way the lashes are packaged are pretty different to the standard high street ones, they're packaged more like MAC lashes.  The glue that came with it is reusable in a little pot though I suspect it's no different to the glue that you get with say Illamasqua lashes (it has the same blue tint!).  It's effective enough and adheres the lashes well.

The style of these lashes aren't what I would usually wear.  I usually prefer something a bit more spiky and upturned or wispy and a bit feathery.  These sort of slant outwards and I didn't feel that this was massively flattering on my eyes.

The lash band on them is quite sturdy too and the lashes are quite long, I could probably do with trimming a little bit off these before I wear them again.  The crystals are really good quality and they do look pretty on.
After years of wearing lashes, I know what sorts of styles I suit and this isn't really it, I'm afraid so I probably wouldn't buy these.  If you're more adventurous or looking for a special treat for a lash love then I'd say this would be it!  They cost £19 which includes glue.
Some of the other items (especially the lipsticks and polishes are pretty gorgeous too), these are my two favourites from the rest of the Grand Bal collection:
Grand Bal Diorific Vernis Nail Polish - Diorling 

Grand Bal Collection Diorific Lipstick - Diva
The Dior Grand Bal Collection is available from Selfridges, starting at £18.00 


  1. Those lashes are stunning!

  2. Love the gold studs on the eyelash



  3. Hey, do you have a pic of the lashes in place with your eyes open?

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  5. I love this blog!! The flash up the top is awesome!!
    high definition brows


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