Friday, 17 August 2012

Baking from the Home Recipes with Bero: Centenary Edition (Australian Crunchie)

I've never done a baking post before, mainly because it's pretty rare that I bake even though I enjoy it.  I can knock up some pretty mean shortbread, scones, butterfly cakes and chocolate chip cookies when the need arises - I know, I know, all fairly easy stuff but still.  The thing with baking is that it can work out expensive (especially when your oven is as temperamental/unpredictable as ours) plus, there's only me and boyfriend at home and though he's a cake/chocolate fiend we can't finish off a big batch of cakes on our own!

Anyway, when I moved out my Mam gave me her much treasured Home Recipes with Bero: Centenary Edition, we used to bake from this all the time when I was a kid and I used to love it!  How ace is this?  It's particularly retro as it's about 20-30 years old I think, but the recipes are still great and the instructions are really clear. 

The only thing that throws me a bit is oven times - as I said earlier, it might be my oven but I find stuff seems to be done before the timings in here, I suppose ovens will have improved in the last few decades maybe! We used to make something that no-one ever seems to have heard of called Australian Crunchie, this one was my favourite and I randomly got a craving to eat/make some when I was off over Easter despite not having it since I was at primary school and or ever having made it myself.

Recipe can also be found on the Bero website (but I prefer my recipe book!)

I didn't have the right tin so the first time I did it I spread it a bit thinly and the edges burnt.  It's important to remember that if it feels squishy in the tin a bit not to worry as it hardens up into more of  biscuit when left to cool.  All in all, this was a hit!  And for those of you that are thinking "ew, coconut", it actually doesn't taste like coconut at all - I hate coconut too but it seems to just add texture to it.  I'd have love to have shown you some picture of the finished product but as I mentioned, the sea has claimed my phone/camera at the moment!

So yeah, I'm no domestic goddess by any stretch of the imagination but I can knock out a mean Australian Crunchie if I have to  Do let me know if you try out any of these recipes and how they turn out.  These are the two I probably use the most:

Have you heard of Australian Crunchie?  Have you made it?  Do you have any fail-safe recipes I need to know about?


  1. oooh I love baking! I have the Bero book but it's the new one so not as cool.

    Do you have a fan oven? I know they get a bit hotter (we have one) so you have to adjust the heat slightly xx

  2. I love the old bero books, we had to many versions of them at home. I even brought one with me when moving to the uk.

  3. I have my mum's torn Be-Ro cookbooks.. and I love to churn simple retro favorites for home-style breakfast every Sunday.

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  4. Hi I just found your blog, I've set myself a challenge to make everything in the Bero book! It's taking a little longer than I thought but it's great fun and I'm trying all of the random recipes in there instead of just sticking to the ones my mum used to do. The Milk Chocolate cake is still my all time favourite though.

  5. Oz crunchie was a regular in our house. Covering it in chocolate is a must in my book. When this recipe book was lost during a house move, I was crushed. I'm so glad u posted this. Thanks.


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