Saturday, 7 July 2012

My favourite go-to polishes at the moment

These are the polishes that I've been reaching for lately when I want to do my nails quickly and have something on that's easy to wear - I don't really do unpolished nails as mine peel and I get way too tempted to nibble them (once a nailbiter, always a nailbiter). I'm trying to keep them long until next Monday when I'm getting Gelac on again for my holiday, bet it gets to Friday and all my nails snap off!

The formulas and wear time on these are all pretty good. Obviously I like the colours and most of these have pretty good coverage so I can get away with two hanging around wating for layers of polish to dry.

We have (L-R) Essie Ole Caliente, Leighton Denny Madison, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, Models Own Nude Beige and 17 Lasting Fix Parma Violet.

Ole Caliente is the newest addition to the group and Nude Beige is probably the polish I've been using for the longest (think this is my second bottle).  Lincoln Park After Dark isn't quite black but it's a really dark purple that looks black in some lights, this is probably the least-worn out of these five favourites but it still gets a good outing nevertheless.  I have all sorts of colours in my nail polish drawer but these are the ones I find easiest to apply and wear.

What are you reaching for lately?


  1. I keep going back to my China Glaze polishes - for me they last so well and I just love how vivid their colours come out once painted.

    1. I've just bought a new CG polish from the US (one of the Hunger Games ones). I don't find them that easy to get here and they're normally expensive, even with delivery it works out cheaper.

  2. They look beautiful! I like simple colors like that one!


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