Sunday, 1 July 2012

Cuticle care - Mavala Cuticle Remover and Nubar Passionfruit Cuticle Oil

My cuticles - fingers and toes - are really getting on my nerves lately, they're more dry than overgrown so they just need a bit of TLC.  So I bought Mavala Cuticle Remover and Nubar Cuticle Oil to try and sort them out.

I originally bought the vanilla scented Nubar Cuticle Oil and was a tiny bit disappointed in the lack of a really sweet vanilla smell, it was pretty subtle. I thought it was still a good product (and contains a variety of different oils) but not quite what I was expecting. But long story short, I popped it in my bag to use at work and the whole thing leaked. Even when I twisted the lid back on it came loose again. Hello greasy ASOS satchel! So basically, this isn't really travel friendly. I did like the product so I repurchased this time and bought the passionfruit one, so glad I did! It smells really yummy, like fruit juice (but not overpowering), and I much prefer it to the vanilla.  The oil works well and my cuticles are looking much more nourished than they did.  I'm trying to use it regularly.

The cuticle remover, to be honest I can take or leave, it hasn't really done much for me but I think perhaps it was the wrong product as my cuticles aren't overgrown, just dry.  Would really recommend the oil if you're looking for a new one.  I bought mine from


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