Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Loreal Professionnel Silver Shine Shampoo for Grey and White Hair

My hairdresser recommended this to me, she's blonde like I am, except she's a really really light cool blonde - almost verging on grey - her hair is gorgeous.  Not a look I can pull off, but nevertheless I still don't want any brassy yellowy or orange tones in my hair.  I've been using a silver shampoo from Boots but haven't really had results I'd like so she suggested this (and this isn't the brand they use and promote in my salon...oops).  My hair's naturally quite dark so my blonde tends to discolour easily.

I really like this product - it's a bright purple colour (much brighter than my Boots one) and the instructions warn you not to leave it on your hands too long in case it stains them, so I'm quite careful when I use this (after I had a disaster with some Lee Stafford purple stuff that left my hair like a blue rinse) but I haven't had any disasters, just shiny, bright blonde hair.  It's been left really manageable and not at all weighed down either.

If you're blonde I really would recommend this to keep your hair looking at its best, after red I'd say blonde is one of the hardest colours to maintain nicely.  I'm going to look more into Loreal Professionnel products as I've been really impressed with this.  I put off trying purple shampoo for ages as a lot of them say for white or grey hair, but don't worry about this, honestly, as long as you're careful you won't end up with purple hair.

I'm getting really bored with my hair lately but I'm a bridesmaid in a few weeks so I've been keeping my hair a sensible colour (quite a light, one colour blonde at the moment) and the length long so it can be put up easily and last all day.  I think come September when it's time to get my hair done again I'm going to get something different as I've had my hair like this for a while - I'm thinking a proper side fringe (instead of the sort of non committal side parting with shorter layers at the front I have now), all the dead ends cut off so it's a fair bit shorter, more layers and maybe my dark brown panels back in.  I'm so boring, I'm only ever really blonde or I sometimes get a bit of brown in the layers underneath.  Have you had any hair style changes lately?  What have you had?  I need inspiration!

Anyway, I bought this shampoo from feelunique.com (I wish I'd waited as they're currently giving away free samples of YSL's new Touche Eclat foundation with every order that uses the code ILOVEYSL).

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  1. This sounds really good! I always use touch of silver shampoo to banish brassiness, thats realllly good! xx


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