Wednesday, 11 July 2012

China Glaze Stone Cold (from the Capitol Colours know, the Hunger Games one)

I rarely go for things that are really hyped up, I don't know why, I just seem averse to it.  As soon as there's a huge media storm about something I go off it.  This is the reason I've never read 50 Shades of Grey (or intend to), bought an iPhone, watched a Twilight film or used a BB Cream.  Clearly this is something slightly askew in my head but never mind.  It's also the reason I have never gotten involved with anything to do with the Hunger Games, be it books, games or nail polishes.  The whole thing has passed me by.

But I spotted Stone Cold on a blog recently and thought "oooh, hello!", I didn't realise it was even part of the Capitol Colours collection until I was googling to find out where I could get it (Ebay by the way...why is it cheaper to get polishes from the US than in the UK, even taking into account shipping?).

Stone Cold is a matte charcoal with glitter.  I love grey and black polishes, I love matte polishes, I love glitter.  So this is a huge thumbs up for me, I love it.  I'll probably wear it more in winter but I think it's quite an unusual finish and looks so nice on.  I don't have anything else like this in my collection, especially since my matte topcoat dried up and went strange.  Very happy I bought this!


  1. Gorgeous polish!

  2. I love how matte it is, also great to meet someone who's never watched Twilight - I thought it was only me!

  3. I'm not normally big on matte, but that is fab!

  4. This is beautiful!! Love it :)
    I just started a blog! check it out?
    Sophie xx

  5. Such a gorgeous colour! xx


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