Saturday, 5 May 2012

MAC Penultimate Eyeliner in Rapidblack and Eye Kohl in Smolder

The Eye Kohl in Smolder is a repurchase for the one that I stupidly lost.  This is my fave pencil for a smoky eye or a night out as it's pretty dark, really soft and very much blendable/smudgeable.  I really like it and would definitely recommend trying it out - it's lovely and well worth it.  I don't normally wear coloured eyeliners but I'm quite tempted to try it out, though who knows what colour!  I literally haven't even worn eyeshadow since I was about 16 except for about two nights out I can think of.  It lasts well despite its smudginess, even on the waterline (though you need to be careful not to rub your eyes when wearing as it kind of goes everywhere).

Penultimate Eyeliner was a bit of an impulse purchase.  I usually use a Rimmel pen eyeliner - I prefer this type of liner as I think it's easier to get a crisp line, for me anyway, and to apply anywhere - and find that this does the job perfectly fine.  In comparison, this liner is a bit chunkier to hold, blacker and has a "sharper", finer nib so it makes it easy to get a really thin line or apply with precision .  It doesn't really pull and lasts well without smudging.  I'm pretty happy with this and do actually prefer it to the cheaper Bourjois or Rimmel ones I've been using, simply because it's easier to apply really defined or thin (so better for work, for me anyway), so I'd buy it again even though it's around £10 more than the ones I'm currently using.  Unfortunately I might have to buy it again since the lid came off it in my bag and it's totally dried out! 

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