Sunday, 2 October 2011

Carmex Moisture Plus (Pink)

So, you can now get Carmex lipbalm in a lipstick tube...excellent. It also has a hint of pink (there are other colours available too) to it...excellent. I really like Carmex when it gets colder as I find it's one of the only things that truly moisturises my lips well when they're chapped and gets them back to normal; however I also really like wearing lipstick and the two don't really go together.

Whilst I wouldn't really say this gives much colour (and definately not like a lipstick would), it's much easier to use, actually looks nicer and fits in your pocket/make up bag more easily than the Carmex pot. It still smells the same, which some people like, some don't. A definite winter staple!


  1. I'll definitely have to try this out, the packaging looks a lot more feective then most other lip balms! xx

  2. That looks fabulous! Definitely going to find and buy, thanks for the heads-up :) x


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