Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A tale of two Chanel foundations...Chanel Vitalumiere in 30 (Shell) and Vitalumiere Aqua in 20 (Beige Tendre)

Chanel Vitalumiere in 30 (Shell)

I bought this from duty free on the way back from Dublin after sneaking/stealing a sample from my flatmates copy of Glamour (sorry! It wasn't the right colour for you anyway!!). In hindsight I think the sample I tried may have been Vitalumiere Aqua as this bottle doesn't seem quite as fluid and light as the sample. And I also think I've bought a shade too dark and it all looks a bit patchy and orange on me which is a real pet hate of mine but I'll save it for hols or when I've got fake tan on. Let's just say I'm rubbish at buying foundations! The coverage on Vitalumiere is medium, but it definately is buildable.

This is the first Chanel product that I've bought, overall this foundation is ok, but I can't say I'm overwhelmed by it and I don't think I'll be repurchasing this one.

Chanel Vitalumiere in 20 (Beige Tendre)

I was bought this by my lovely Dad, again at Duty Free. Now this stuff is more like it - very fluid and light with a good dewy coverage (you do need to shake it before use as it needs mixed really). I actually got the right coverage this time and it makes me look nice and fresh faced, healthy and awake. It reminds me a lot of DiorSkin Nude, another water based foundation, and one of my faves. I think I prefer this kind of finish on my skin, especially as it can get quite dry. It also contains SPF 15.

The bottle looks teeny but the amount of product is no different (30ml) and is plastic with a nozzle, this is maybe not as luxurious as other high end foundations but it does mean it's easier to get in your make up bag and less likely to smash. tt comes in a fancy little Chanel cardboard box with a slightly pretentious leaflet in it, the leaflet does recommend applying with fingertips which is good as that's my preferred method of application anyway.

Now THIS foundation is definately the same as the sample I tried, and I would buy it again...probably only at Duty Free though as it is quite expensive!

P.S. Sorry for the rubbish pictures, my Blackberry camera is really not good.


  1. I went to Chanel to get colour matched for Aqua but I didn't like it as much as the Vitalumiere. I got matched as a 10 which is really pale, it's expensive stuff too. Think I might just bronze right up for summer instead lol x

  2. Aren't they discontinuing Vitalumiere Aqua?? That's the big reason I won't try it because I'm afraid I will fall in love & then they take it away!!!

  3. Oh typical, are they? I thought it was quite new...might just have to revert back to my very first foundation, DiorSkin Nude as it's quite similar!

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  5. love chanel foundation! thanks for the post xo


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