Saturday, 16 April 2011

I seem to have reverted back to my childhood...

I used to be a chronic nail biter from basically when I had teeth until the age of about 21. I'd bite my nails so far down my fingers were really sore and the skin around my nails were in tatters - my parents tried all sorts to stop me, paying for me to get a nice manicure, using that stuff that tastes awful when you bite (the urge to nibble was so strong that I got used to it), telling me off when I bit etc.

After shelling out hundreds of pounds on getting acrylic or gel nails done between about 16-21 (check out the disgusting pic of my false talons below, my hands look er, manly with those nails!) I finally saw the light, started to be properly interested in making the most of how I looked and just stopped biting with the help of plain old nail varnish, I liked the way it looked and thought it would look even better if I had long nails. So I just stopped biting and it turned out my nails looked quite nice a bit longer and were pretty strong.

Recently, at the grand old age of 24, I've been through some life changing events (both good and bad) coupled with the usual working-full-time-trying-to-have-a-life-studying-for-a-degree-balancing-everything stuff and I've reverted back to biting my nails quite badly again due to the stress (make of that what you will, amatuer psychologists) - once again they're really short and sore but I can't stop the compulsion to bite, even though I hate it and it looks awful!

But today's the day it stops. There's no need for me to do it, I don't like doing it, it hurts and I love having nice nails. So I've painted my nails/stumps today in Leighton Denny "Supermodel" (even though most of it is on my skin, not my nails), and I've been using cuticle oil with frightening regularity; I'm going to keep painting them in neutral colours until they get a bit longer and then I'll probably get another Shellac manicure to keep them looking strong and lovely until I can be trusted again!


  1. Aww I'm sorry dear nail biting is hard to
    Overcome but u can do it u should try taking some
    Healthy hair skin and nail vitamins to help them grow faster I did and my nails
    Grow back so fast after a break u should try some! Good luck

  2. I'm so sorry Lucy, I can understand how frustrating it must be. Good luck! Hopefully your life changing events turn into something good.

  3. I go through phases of being good with my nails, and then when one tears I get all disheartened and decide to just chow down.. It's not good!

    Hopefully it'll be an easy habit for you to stop as you've done it before and just think about the lovely nail polishes you can have as a reward to yourself!

    :-) xo

  4. Such a shame! :{ I hope that your situation improves soon so that your nails will too x


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