Saturday, 2 April 2011

Dear Batiste Dry Shampoo - Tones (light and blonde hair)

Dear Batiste Blonde,

I had high hopes for you, really I did. I went looking for you especially. As I'm not a natural blonde (shock, horror!), if I've got a bit of regrowth (ahem, dark roots) the normal white Batiste can look a bit dusty if it's not rubbed in properly and can sometimes show on photos if a flash is used. I tend to use Batiste a few times a week as I've got a bit of a grease-phobia when it comes to my hair, but I don't want to wash it every day as I have to do a lot of styling to tame it after washing.

From the first use of you, I could just tell it wasn't meant to be - you were very yellow toned and made my hair look brassy at the roots, I spend half my time on my hair making sure it doesn't look brassy or yellowy so this didn't bode well for me. I can't imagine that this would be so great if you had very light blonde or ash blonde hair, it would be too dark/yellow a colour - blonde hair runs a massive spectrum and I think it's maybe a bit overambitious to try and design a "catchall" product for blondes. But on a positive note, you're as effective as normal Batiste you smell alright but I'm sorry to say I think I'll be sticking with Batiste Brit, Diva or Boho.

Sorry - I hope we can still be friends.



  1. Great post :) don't think i'll be buying it then I could do without being brassy!xx

  2. Great post! I've never really been a fan of Batiste, it doesn't really work for me!

  3. hahaha fab!!! i find the batiste for dark hair rubbish too. batiste need to calm down. ie stick to what they know. original basiste!

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