Sunday, 25 July 2010

Refresh and Revive Spa Day at Crewe Hall - review

I got this spa day for £120 for two people from (you can get a percentage cashback too if you go through Quidco, which I am a big fan of – seriously, Google it!). How fancy does Crewe Hall look!

Included in the price is an aromatherapy facial, deep cleansing back exfoliation, a back, neck and shoulder massage with aromatic oils, two course lunch and use of the facilities (steam room, pool, sauna, ice fountain, gym etc).

I’ve divided this into sections to make it a bit easier to read and less of a ramble by me.

These were lovely and relaxing – the back exfoliation and massage definitely worked at getting the tension out of my shoulders and at the bottom of my back. The facial was so nice too and included a head massage (which I loved!). They used ESPA products, which I have heard of but haven’t used before – they smell amazing, and by the looks of the brochures dotted around are pretty expensive. They use male ESPA products for mens facials.

The girl who did my treatment was really friendly, professional and good at her job, she also knew when to talk and when not to (that sounds awful but you know what I mean don’t you? I’ve had a bikini wax before where the lass was telling me intimate details of her life as she ripped the hairs out of There is a time and a place!)

The girl on reception was very helpful too, explaining where things were and what to do – she also gave us our complimentary robes and slippers.

Crewe Hall is very impressive when you drive up to it – the spa bits are around the back in a more modern building. The treatment rooms are lovely, dim lights, wood and tranquil music everywhere, plenty of room too and the whole place was very well kept and clean.

Even the swimming pool changing rooms were nicer than average!

The whole place is pretty huge, we didn’t walk round much of it, I bet if it had been a nicer day though a little walk around the grounds or surrounding area would have been in order.

Disappointingly the Jacuzzi and ice fountain (which isn’t as impressive as it sounds) were out of order when we were there. However, the gym, sauna, pool and steam room were all in working order. We didn’t check out the gym (what a surprise!) but the pool was nice, albeit a bit cold. The sauna was nicer than others I’ve been to (but I always feel a bit weird in saunas as I feel like I can’t breathe because it’s so dry in there)! The steam room was nice too – it had twinkly lights in the ceiling and periodically sprayed out further scented steam. There was also a very posh shower and some heated stone seats (I spent a lot of time on one of these seats).

Towels are provided by reception as well so no need to take your own. You do need £1 for the lockers in the changing rooms though.

Food is an important factor to me (which is why none of my clothes fit). Our meal in the brasserie was buffet style, but way fancier than a normal buffet. They had soup and rolls, a selection of hot foods (posh chicken tikka breasts, paprika roast potatoes, lasagne, veg and other stuff). I went for the healthier option and had salad stuff, there was a fab selection of things on there! Desserts were good too, fresh fruit with cream or lemon mousse stuff, I think there was something else too? Tea, coffee and water were available too.

I was a bit worried that because we had booked as part of a package we’d get fobbed off with food but it was really nice.

All in all, we spent 4 ½ hours there (they had rang up the day after I booked and we had booked our treatments to start at 11am), and probably could have spent longer there if we’d gymmed it and things. I can definitely say we both felt refreshed and revived afterwards, though I came home and had a massive sleep when I got in! I still feel like I could have another sleep now, might have to set two alarms tomorrow morning. I definately think it was worth the money, I feel loads better for it and it was a really nice treat. I feel like I've used the word "nice" a lot in this review but it really is the best way to describe the day and how I feel about it.


  1. omg I have been dying to go to a spa & I'm killing for a massage but guess it will have to wait til the mr. man comes home from holiday to get one.

    heated stone seats ahh heaven for the day. def worth the money by the sounds of it, bet that was one of the best sleeps you've had in a while too lol


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