Saturday, 24 July 2010

Decleor Aroma Cleanse Cleansing Milk - Face and Eyes

Decleor is generally a little out of my price range so I was pretty pleased to receive this as a gift, especially as my Dermalogica cleanser has ran out and I can't afford more at the moment.

The instructions recommend that you apply the cream to your face with your fingertips and remove with cotton wool, then use the recommended Decleor toner. Since I find toner a bit harsh, and certainly don't own the Decleor one, I skipped the last step and left it on my skin. I certainly had no negative reactions with my skin but I do wonder if having the product lying on my skin (i.e. not using a toner) is doing it any good, so I'm not recommending that you do that.
This felt so moisturising, my skin feels very soft and smooth after use but the product doesn't feel heavy. It's gentle enough to use on your eyes and though it didn't quite get all of my lash primer off (seriously, Shiseido lash base it like concrete mixed with superglue but it gives such amazing results) it had a good go. You can also see the make up that you've removed on the cotton wool, which I personally find very satisfying! It's very lightly scented as well, but not overpowering or chemically.

The downsides are having to use the cotton wool - kind of wasteful - and the fact that this isn't at all "scrubby", so you'd need to use an exfoliator regularly; really this is just my personal preference though. I don't think I'd repurchase but that's mainly because I can't afford to!


  1. Oooo where did you get the free gift from?

    Haha I want one

  2. It was from my mam! She's even more of a product addict than I am, it works out pretty well for me as I get the cast offs/bought stuff because she saw it and thought of me.


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