Monday, 12 July 2010

Legally Blonde - The Musical

I went to London at the weekend and part of my trip was to see Legally Blonde - The Musical at the Savoy Theatre. Quite frankly I bloody loved it!

It was camp, cute, funny, frothy and lots of fun - true to the film and just what I expected. The songs are catchy, the comedy element is there and the dance routines were good. Sheridan Smith wasn't playing the lead role when we went which was a bit disappointing but Richard Fleeshman and Gill Halfpenny (both of whom can really belt out a tune!) were in it, you'd never know Gill Halfpenny was the same person as dowdy Kate from Eastenders though, she looks totally different.

The cutest cast members however, were the two little dogs playing Bruiser and Paulette's dog. Actual, real, cute little doggies on stage, I loved it! I felt so sorry for the little chihuahua at one point though, he/she misjudged a jump onto a bed and fell over, looking very startled. Aaaaw!

I would totally recommend this if you're in London and like the film Legally Blonde (which incidentally I have realised I don't own, how did this happen?!! I must rectify this at Amazon immediately). It's probably my favourite girly film and as a blonde myself who is prone to being a bit ditsy I like the idea that in theory I could be super-successful in a traditionally "demanding" career, I think the film sends out a good message. Yes, I know it's only a film - and a pretty unrealistic one at that - but we can dream right?!

I also did a lot of the tourist attractions whilst I was there, ate at Pret a Manger a lot and went to see Wicked at the Apollo (also great) - I hardly shopped at all though, apart from buying two plain tops in Topshop for my hols (less than 4 weeks to go, yeah!).


  1. Richard Fleeshman is AMAZING live, isn't he?! So glad you enjoyed it, I really want to see it and this has made me want to go one hundred times more! xx

  2. I was well impressed with the Fleesh, he could really sing and his American accent was good, Ah, I so loved the musical, you should deffo go and see it if you get the chance.

    If you book, I'd try direct with the theatre first as some of them do concessions. But failing that, you can't go wrong by going through Quidco to

  3. Oh I love the musical! I have the soundtrack and have sneakily seen some footage, but I’m yet to see an actual production.

    Love the song “Legally Blonde” oh and also “Bend and Snap”

    The Brendan from Ireland song is so random though!



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