Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Fun with nail decals and stickers

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the crapness of the white polish in these pics, the only white crème I had was a one for French tips so it just hasn’t worked well as a proper polish, it looks like Tippex! I did think white was best to show these off and can assure you I will be rectifying the “not owning a white crème polish” as soon as possible.

Here we have some fab nail decals and stickers from http://stores.ebay.co.uk/The-Nail-Art-and-Wristband-Shop?_rdc=1 – I’ve tested my favourites on my hand here:

The decals are a little more tricky than the stickers (but even then, hardly so) but both types come with very clear instructions on how to apply – I’d got the hang of it by the time I came to apply the unicorn one, which is a bit better positioned than the best. I’d say the top tip is to cut them out as close to the sticker as possible. Also, just to add, they don’t feel rough in any way either!

The seller was even kind enough to send me the playing card ones with a thicker outline to see if they were easier to cut out. I think he does custom nail stickers/decals too if you ask, I couldn’t see the playing card ones in his items for sale so I just asked and he made :-)


  1. these are great, i'm so impressed with how well you've managed to put them all. i can always do my left hand fine, but my right hand always looks a bit deformed. well done you though! :)


  2. these look lovely! that unicorn looks so edgy and unique! x

  3. p.s. could you relink the store as the link doesnt work! :)

  4. Ooh does it not Kerry? That'll teach me to think I'm swanky with HTML!

    This is the Ebay shop I got them from, I got all that stuff for about £4 and it's perfect for me since I'm so rubbish at konad :-) :


  5. very pretty...hey do visit my blog...


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