Friday, 4 December 2015 - make beauty appointments with ease!

I don't know if it's Christmas or work or just life in general but I don't seem to have time to spare at the minute. As ever, the internet is proving to be my saviour - I'm researching and buying everything Christmas related online, I'm booking doctors appointments through an app on my phone, I'm organising parties with families and friends through email/WhatsApp and finally booking some much needed beauty appointments using

Basically, you just add in your location - have to warn you it probably works best if you're in or near a big city, though I did find some nearer me in my little part of suburbia - and the type of treatment you're looking for. I work in the middle of Manchester so making lunchtime or after work appointments at salons is really easy.

It's really straightforward to use and I found the process saves a lot of time trawling different salon websites (a lot of them don't even have websites) or making calls to find out if they do a certain treatment, how much it is and what their availability is.  There's pretty much every treatment you could ever imagine on there too which is really really helpful!

They're also giving away a pair of Huda Beauty lashes (you'll definitely have seen them on Instagram) with every booking made in December so if you're thinking about booking in for some pampering there's no better time!

To find out more about the services available visit

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  1. Good post. It is good to make time to beauti-fy yourself!


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