Thursday, 1 January 2015

Nuxe Paris Crème Fraîche de Beauté - 24 hour soothing and rehydrating fresh mask

Happy new year!  I took a little blogging break over December because it was so busy but I'm back now and I've got plenty to tell you about.

I haven't tried anything from Nuxe before but I've heard the brand mentioned a lot by other bloggers.  This mask came as part of October's GlossyBox* but I only just got round to trying it last month.  I had really bad winter skin and a lot of dryness around my nose because of the cold weather and then central heating everywhere.  I get it every winter and I'm always looking for a remedy!  I was just rooting through my bathroom cabinet for an exfoliator or a mask and I stumbled across this.

In consistency, it's quite light and feels more like a moisturiser than a mask and you don't need to use loads of product which is good.  You apply a layer over your face, leave it for 10 minutes and then massage your face.  When you do this, the mask kind of rolls off into little pieces, so you need to be careful that you get rid of them all or you'll find that later on it looks like you've got dry skin but it's just pieces of leftover mask!  It doesn't have a strong smell but smells vaguely floral to me.

The results from this mask are absolutely amazing - no dry skin whatsoever and my skin feels soft, moisturised and supple for days after I use this.  It also looks really moisturised too which is fantastic.  It actually leaves my skin feeling so good that I (this might make me sound weird) keep touching my skin because of how smooth it feels, this probably isn't a good thing because I'll be transferring dirt to my face.  Apparently you can store this in the fridge too to make it feel extra refreshing!

I would definitely purchase this in future, it's an absolutely fantastic find for winter and anything that stops my skin looking dull in December is a complete winner!  I can't recommend it enough really and I'm glad that I got the opportunity to try it through GlossyBox* as it's not a product I would have bought myself as I don't know the brand.  Because I'm so pleased with this I'll probably end up seeking out some more Nuxe products to try!

This mask is available from the Nuxe website for £19.50 for 50ml - if you suffer from dry skin I'd definitely give it a go!


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