Saturday, 3 January 2015

Schwarzkopf got2b Mind Blowing - Xpress Dry Styling Spray, Quick Shape Mousse and Fast Dry Hairspray

I was sent these to review a little while ago and they've fast become early morning and gym essentials!   The range aims to cut down blow drying time while protecting your hair from heat and styling damage.

I use the styling spray when I go to the gym on a morning because it detangles and conditions as well as cutting down on blow dry time.  I use a 2 in 1 shampoo after my workout which saves on time (and space in my bag) but doesn't always make my hair as manageable as I'd like so this spray is the perfect solution.  It makes it really easy to comb through my hair and it definitely speeds up the time it takes to dry my hair without it feeling fried, I get out of the gym about 10 minutes quicker using this spray - it doesn't sound like much but it's an extra 10 minutes in bed on a morning which I'm happy about!

I use the mousse when I'm going to curl my hair either on a morning or for a night out when I need to be ready quickly.  It definitely helps hold my style in place and makes it quicker to dry.  My curls hold much better with this mousse than using other kinds of products.

The hairspray is a nice enough firm hold hairspray but I'm not totally sure how it fits into the range or how it speeds anything up.  It's meant to have a micro fine mist that dries quickly but to be honest I can't see that it's any faster than a normal hairspray, it still does the trick though.

Really happy with these products and will definitely repurchase the styling spray and the mousse in future as they save me time and save me having to use loads of different products.

For more information about the Schwarzkopf got2b range visit their Facebook page or check them out in Boots or Superdrug.

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