Sunday, 14 December 2014

Nola Vodka Spritz - 81 calories per 175ml

I was recently sent a 'Nola's Night In Kit' from the people who make Nola Vodka Spritz to enjoy a night in with my friends with some bottles/cans of Nola Vodka Spritz, some snacks from Propercorn and a gorgeous scented candle.

I hadn't tried Nola Vodka Spritz before so I didn't really know what to expect. It comes in two flavours - Raspberry and Elderflower and Watermelon and Strawberry.  Both were light, refreshing, fruity and easy to drink, it was about -2 when we had our night in (obviously it wasn't -2 inside so glad to be having a night in!) and I think these drinks would be even better in summer.

On the front of each can it says there are 81 calories in 175ml but each can is 250ml so more like 115 calories per can which still isn't a lot of calories especially when you compare it to something like wine, I just think it's a bit misleading as some of my friends were like "oh wow 81 calories per can?" which at first glance it looks like.

My favourite was by far the Watermelon and Strawberry, which I knew would be the case before I even tried them as I love those flavours and I'm not hugely keen on raspberry or elderflower, it's still pretty nice but I probably wouldn't buy it again whereas I'd definitely buy the strawberry and watermelon one!  I really enjoyed it and so did my friends, everyone was pleasantly surprised that it tasted so nice as a lower calories drink.

The 700ml bottles are currently on offer for £5 each in Asda and Tesco so I might pick some Strawberry and Watermelon bottles up to enjoy over Christmas.  I'm not a big drinker at all - I probably have alcohol once every few months if that but I did enjoy these and there'll be so many calories involved over Christmas I might as well save some on alcohol too!

Remember if you do end up trying these or having some nights in/out over Christmas remember to drink responsibly and stay safe!

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