Monday, 18 August 2014

Live Color XXL Blonde Toner M01 Icy Platinum

Another day, another blonde toner that I've tried!  This time it was the Live Color XXL Blonde Toner in M01 Icy Platinum which as you can probably get is a cool, ashy toner for natural or bleach blonde hair.

It's ridiculously easy to use, you just shampoo your hair and apply the mousse toner throughout your hair evenly and leave for 5 minutes then wash out.  It should last 3 washes but I really do think mine lasts longer than that - you can vary just how ashy it leaves your hair too.  I find 10 minutes leaves my hair very ashy and grey (especially on top) whereas 5 less so, and probably the right sort of colour.  It smells pretty nice too!

There are no dodgy purple roots or yellow tones in my hair at all and I'm very pleased with the colour and how easy it is to use.  I actually first tried this on the way to a party on the spur of the moment (not a great time to try out new hair colour products) and luckily it turned out ok!

Here's how my hair turned out after 5 minutes with this toner on:

It's pretty reasonably priced too, around £5.  It says that one bottle will last 1 application on long hair.  I'd say my hair is pretty long - about at my bra strap - and it's lasted me 3 applications already and I've still got some left so realistically it's no more expensive than those individual toner sachets you can get.

I would definitely use this again for an ashy blonde look (though I'm officially booked in for a full head of highlights and lowlights at the start of September to go for a bit more of a natural look).  You can find out more information about this product here.

For more hair inspiration and the chance to upload your style pics and win prizes visit the Live Color Lookbook at - there are some absolutely amazing styles on there and some fantastic prizes to be won!

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