Sunday, 24 July 2011

I have a new Lush favourite to add to my list!

My favourite products from Lush goes a little something like this:

  1. Lush Honeytrap Lip Balm

  2. Snow Fairy Shower Gel

  3. Butterball

  4. Creamy Candy

  5. Flosty Gritter (I don't think they make this any more, boo! I might have to start a petition or something!)

  6. Buffy Scrub

  7. Rock Star Soap

Mainly ridiculously sweet and girlie, yes? Well I have a new addition that isn't necessarily quite as sweet as those - Dragons Egg, I love it! It's a white circular bath bomb with little flashes of colour, when you get it in the water it fizzes and froths away, then bursts in an explosion of orange colour, as it fizzes a bit more, it has a gold centre like a little rock made from pyrite that then fizzes away. It smells lovely as well, very citrusy but with a hint of sweetness, like sherbert. The only downside is that it turns the water bright yellow (which looks a bit suspect!) and makes a mess of your bath at the end.

I've also got Mrs Whippy to try and after reading the Lush Times, I quite fancy Ultrabland cleanser as well, but I tend to stick with products I know and love from Lush as I tend to find when I wander, I don't like things as much (face masks, foundations etc).


  1. I love Snow Fairy, I wish it wasn't only out at christmas! I still have some left over though because I'm desperately trying not to finish it all quickly haha.

    I use their Eau Roma Water toner and it's really lovely and one of the only toners my skin doesn't react to. But I tried moisturiser from LUSH and hated it; it's so greasy!

    I've just moved to a new flat and I don't have a bath any more so I'm really missing bath bombs :( xo

  2. Aw the house I lived in just had a shower and it made me sad! You can get those shower block things from Lush but it's not quite the same.

    I just finished my last big bottle of snow fairy (used sparingly and boyfriend given strict instructions not to use) and I've got a mini one from a gift set to use. I think I'll stock up more this Christmas!

  3. I love Honeytrap - smells so good. I have far too many things on my Lush wishlist at the moment...I don't have a bath so sadly bathbombs cannot be included :( x


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