Monday, 4 July 2011

CND Shellac launching new colours in October

And whilst I like them, I still feel like the Shellac colours are quite "safe", with some of these being quite similar to existing Shellac colours - Purple Purple and Asphalt are my favourite new colours but I like the idea of Zillionaire too, it seems to be a "glitter" for layering which is something that I feel has been a bit missed in Shellac collections. I suppose the colours are kept quite neutral as they're so long lasting, there's only a limited amount of time you want a bright blue/green/yellow on your nails I suppose, and your average nail tech customer probably does go for something a bit more understated.

I've been looking at Gelish recently (which is a similar concept, but not the same) and they have a much more interesting colour range but aren't a solely professional product like Shellac and works slightly differently. Plus it's more expensive to buy (though the bottles are twice the size of a bottle of Shellac).

Anyway, the new CND Shellac colours will be coming out in Autumn in the UK, debuting at Olympia Beauty in September, then Professional Beauty North for us Northern ladies in October. Exciting!


  1. Gelish are supposed to be solely professional...I'm using Artistic Colour Gloss and love it!

  2. Gelish are available to the general public in Sally's at the moment (or they're about to be) - I know you're meant to have a trade card but that doesn't mean very much tbh.

  3. well indeed...I know about Sallys... I don't use Gelish and wouldn't but so far reports are that Sallys are being strict about sales...that said, you know as well as I do how easy it would be for anyone to get them!

    I forgot to say, I love the look of the grey Shellac!

  4. Yeah, I just think it takes away from the pro image of the product and I feel a bit sorry for the techs who've invested in the brand - saying that I suppose where there's a will there's a way, people can always get hold of things via Ebay or a mate who once trained as a beauty therapist, and chances are a DIY person won't have as good results as a tech (which can be a worry as people then associate the brand, not the unskilled application with poor results)

  5. I can't wait for these to come too. I love them all.

    I'm a trained nail tech too. I totally agree that given the chance anyone will buy a professional product. We don't have the rules and regs some industries have and it's disappointing to have other's ruin it.

  6. you can buy shellac on, so it's not really only for professionals either


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