Thursday, 21 July 2011

Elegant Touch Limited Edition Matte Nails - Chocolate and Purple

I bought these on a whim from a tiny little Boots near my work when I was looking for something else. I know matte nails aren't as "in" as they once were, but I still love them and thought this would be an easy way to get perfect matte nails without any of the annoyances like chipping! I've been waiting to use them until my nails are a bit shorter.

And I really really like these - as I thought, they look like the perfect matte nails, actually so perfect they look either fake or professionally done, which isn't a bad thing I suppose. They were easy to apply and the glue held well. I would say that the Chocolate ones look more black or at the very most a dark charcoal grey with a bit of matte shimmer to it. I like the length too, they're not so short they look stubby but they're not so long they get caught on things.

I didn't bother with the gloss topcoat as it seemed a bit like it was just clear nail varnish - for me I liked the solid matte too much to change it, I had intended to do french tips witht he gloss but I didn't fancy it in the end. I might have a go when I'm getting a bit bored of the nails.

These nails cost £6.45 from Boots and I'll definately buy them again, I like them. I managed to ping a few off during wear, but this is something I expect with stick on nails when they're put under strain - I'd rather that than they snap my own nails off with them - and they survived plenty of washing dishes and clothes which is good!

Also, just to go off on a bit off a tangent, how do they size false nails, was there a study somewhere that worked out the size of the average nail?

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  1. those nails look lovely (: I can never use stick on nails though, cause they're always too big! I ruin them when I try to file them to my size aswell, so I can't win haha xxx


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