Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Another reason why I love ASOS...

...their ace ASOS magazine that they send out, it's like a proper magazine (and you can get it online to save trees!)

I saw these images in the June issue and straight away thought "love it!"...well done to whoever came up with those concepts. And I now really want the white and red heart OPI nail wraps, which I've not actually seen before. Amongst other things as I now note you can get Nars stuff on ASOS too.

Plus a few months ago they did an ace interview with Sophy Robson (nail art extraordinaire!), which I ripped out ready to scan then lost it somewhere in the big move. But luckily I found a link to the interview on this blog.

You can view ASOS Magazine here

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  1. I've always wondered why Asos say the magazine costs something when I've never seen it available to buy and you can just read it online anyway?


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