Saturday, 15 February 2014

Models Own HyperGel - is it worth the hype? (Red Lustre swatch)

I went a bit crazy in the Models Own 50% off sale.  One of the polishes I bought was one of Models Own's HyperGel, their new gel effect nail polishes.  I did have several of them in my basket at one point but I did a bit of basket editing bearing in mind I didn't even know if I'd like the HyperGel formula.

I kind of get annoyed by "gel effect" polishes - they're just shiny and most of the time you can just get that effect with a high shine topcoat like Seche Vite*.  I have to say I don't really think this polish is any different - this is 3 coats but I probably could have done with a fourth.  I was a bit worried as the first two coats looked really sheer but it evened out on coat 3.

Overall it's a nice enough polish but I'm not in a big rush to buy the other colours in the range but for £2.50 in the sale I can't complain!

You can find the HyperGel range here, currently 5 for £20.  Look out for more of my Models Own sale haul coming up!


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