Monday, 20 January 2014

Models Own 50% off sale could be coming soon...

I'm a huge Models Own fan - I love their range of colours, the fact the prices don't break the bank and that they're really easy to pick up nowadays on the high street - so to hear that they're planning another 50% sale if they hit 250,000 Facebook followers is a little bit exciting to me!

If you're not already a fan, or you've been meaning to try Models Own for a while, now's the time to get involved!  Just head over to and like their page.  If they get 250,000 followers by 31st January 2014 then everyone gets 50% off...woo hoo!

Here's a little preview of some of the items I've got my beady little eye on:

I'm sure I'll end up adding more to my basket once there's 50% off going on!

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