Sunday, 1 December 2013

So, Aldi do beauty products?

Right, as a recent Aldi convert for my weekly shop (exciting insight there!), a few people at work have said they swear by some of Aldi's own beauty products.  As I can be a bit of a beauty snob at times I hadn't tried them until recently when I was sent some items to review.  None of them are branded as "Aldi's own" which I think is a good move as it means people are more likely to have them on display in their bathroom/on their dressing table.  So, on with the review!

The first thing I used was the Miracle Oil with Argan Oil - this is one of the exact products that one of my colleagues swears by - and I'm actually pretty impressed by it.  It's not in a squeeze, pump action or open neck bottle so you only get a tiny amount dispensed which is right and means that you don't add too much oil to your hair.  It doesn't smell really strongly or anything and actually feels really nourishing on you hair.  I'd happily buy this in future as it helps smooth down my damaged ends without totally weighing it down.

The Hand and Nail Cream is pretty good too, very nourishing without being greasy.  It absorbs quickly, comes in a squeeze tube and I think it's ideal for carrying in your bag or keeping in your desk at work.  It's a pretty good budget option.  It's not too heavily scented but I'm not wildly keen on the smell of it, but that's just me.

The Aqua Complete Serum is really light, absorbs well and feels great on the skin.  It's a decent enough everyday moisturiser that I'll happily use.

I've also got a moisturiser that I'm getting my boyfriend to test without revealing that it's an Aldi one (I normally buy him pretty high end moisturisers, bless him) - so far his feedback is that it's his favourite moisturiser and feels really good on his skin, albeit quite rich.  We'll see what his thoughts continue to be!


  1. These seems like great products to try out. This is my first time to hear about this brand and upon reading your review, I am convinced to check it out and see how it will work on me.

  2. A lovely and really honest review! i like the very fact that your mum got you and your sister into Lancome :) it's nice once things bear the family like that, till we discover our own routines and makes. I've gone back to associate degree Old Faithful moisturiser (Clinique Dramatically Different) when years of not mistreatment it, as a result of I felt my moisturiser was too serious and wealthy for my skin. I forgot however nice it absolutely was, it's nice to discover brands you wont to love. I've altogether regenerate back to Clinique when I started mistreatment the Super Balanced foundation once more last year when some years of not mistreatment it. I too set i could not very afford a better end result, however currently I've started mistreatment it once more I've accomplished that it's price paying the additional generally, and with product like Clinique they last a protracted time.

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