Wednesday, 24 August 2011

OPI Katy Perry - Teenage Dream

Sorry I seem to be having a bit of a nail moment here at the minute, particularly with OPI stuff! I was a bit disappointed with this at the first coat because I thought "oh boring, another layering polish" but a few more coats and the base came through (a little pinker than in these pics) and I love it! I'd describe it as a baby pink glitter polish with larger pieces of holo glitter suspended in it. Gorgeous!

This was actually pretty hardwearing on the nail and lasted about a week without looking too shabby (unless you looked close), and as you would expect it was an absolute nightmare to remove!


  1. I love Teenage Dream :) it's one of my favourite nail varnishes at the minute, but like you said, it is a mission to remove! xx

  2. I’m awful at applying glittery nail polishes, you’ve done really well with this one though! It looks great! x

  3. Very pretty, it reminds me of Saly Hansen Rockstar Pink (:


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