Wednesday, 10 August 2011

No 7 Natural Blush Cheek Colour - Candy Pink

I've not tried that many No 7 cosmetics before (I always spend my £5 vouchers on their eye make up remover) but when I think about it, the stuff I've tried has always impressed me. And this blusher is no exception - it's really soft, lasts well and is a lovely wearable baby pink colour. Just the kind of blush colour I like, not too bright or too natural and nice and matte with no shimmer.

I'd definately recommend this and would buy another No 7 blusher in future. I preferred this to Benefit Bella Bamba which was more than twice the price!

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  1. I love getting No7 vouchers, I always seem to get at least 5 every time they come around! Haven't bought a blush with them yet though so I'll definitely be having a look next time I'm in Boots. I'd definitely recommend looking at their nail polishes as they only work out to be £2 with a voucher :) xx


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