Friday, 26 November 2010

I have lash extensions again, yay!

I was not blessed in the eyelash department - they're dark and there's loads of them but they're so short it's like "what's the point?", this has made me obsessed with false lashes and constantly trying new mascaras. Let's face it though, a mascara is going to have to work miracles to make my lashes the length I want (see the pic below!)

About a year ago I got lash extensions and I loved them, finally my lashes looked like I wanted them to! No more messing around with primers and mascaras on a morning either. They were actually the first thing I ever blogged about a year ago. But due to the cost (and me feeling vain to be spending so much money on something so insignificant to most people) and struggling to get appointments with the girl who did them I ended up stopping in the new year. But after seeing a brilliant deal on Wahanda near me for a full set of Nouveau lashes with 50% off, making them £54, I decided it was time for my lash extensions to make a return!

I got them done at The Beauty Lounge at the Radisson Blu hotel at Manchester airport. The Beauty Lounge is a little small, and is in the corner of the gym, but the actual treatment room is nice and the girls that work there are really friendly and good at what they do. I got a file and polish on my toes and my lash extensions, I would definately recommend this salon, the girl who did my lashes was great (as was the girl who did my toes), she really knew what she was doing and she didn't skimp with the lashes to save time either! They don't look totally false or ridiculous either, it just looks like I've got naturally gorgeous lashes, which is what you want really when you've got them on all day every day - I don't want to be in the office looking like Cher Lloyd! I also got a complimentary lash/brow brush and a waterproof mascara as well, which was a nice touch.

Oh, and sorry for the slightly rubbish pics - I managed to leave my camera at my parents house in Cumbria and probably won't have it back until December sometime so I'm relying on my Blackberry at the moment, which isn't half as good as my normal camera.

Lash extensions require a bit of maintenance - I don't use mascara or eyeliner when I wear these, just a line of MAC Carbon applied above the lashline and I try not to get them wet or rub at my eyes. It saves me loads of time in the morning though as I normally have to apply loads of mascara! You do need to get them infilled as well as time goes on, I think it was generally about 4-5 weeks when I started needing mine done again last time I had them.

P.S. Remember, if you sign up at Beauty Heaven by Wahanda, you'll get a £5 off voucher just for signing up as well as more prizes and discounts the more people you share with! So, the lashes could actually cost you £49.


  1. Ah, they look fantastic and so natural! Love them. I don't think I'd have the patience to keep them up though, plus I'm constantly rubbing my eyes if I'm tired!

  2. oh they look soooooooooooooooo fittttttttttt!!!!!!!! ive had them and felt soooo naked when they ended!!!!!

  3. really nice but kinda expensive to do it monthly.

  4. Wow, what a difference! They look amazing!

  5. They look completely fantastic and so natural! To be honest when I think of lash extensions I imagine something really false looking - shows what I know, eh? :)

    Little bit out of my price range but I'd gladly get mine done for a special occasion!

  6. Thanks girls :-)

    LadyLuck - they won't cost that much every month, depending on how many lashes need replaced (and I'm really careful, fingers crossed it's been a week and not lost one yet!) it costs from £25 for infills.

  7. Hi Lucy!

    Love your blog, It's great to see a fellow English beauty blogger doing so well <3

    I would love it if you could check out & fellow my blog, I'm new to the blogging world & need all the help I can get!




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