Thursday, 4 November 2010

Girls With Attitude Nail Impact! Designer Nail Art for Tips and Toes

These were ridiculously easy to use - they come on a sheet as shown, are already sticky so you literally peel them off the sheet and stick them on to your painted nails. They're so cute aren't they? I love the little flower design, it's nice and subtle but it isn't boring. Plus they don't feel too bumpy or look like stickers on the nail either.

They also look even better on toes (is it not summer yet?!) and with topcoat are pretty hardwearing.

Priced at £2.50 and available from and, these are ideal for those of you that are looking for quick and effective nail art with minimal effort (or those of you that are a little bit lazy or pushed for time, me on both counts!). They're also on Twitter @Girls_Attitude for those of you that like to tweet!


  1. Ooh, exciting! They're really cute :)

  2. That's such a cute manicure!! :) Good job! ;)


  3. These look fab and are such a bargain! I'm soo lazy when it comes to my nails and it takes all my effort just to paint them every few days so something as quick and easy as these would suit me perfectly :)

    Oh and I love your nail colour - very eye catching but still really pretty!

  4. oooh, very pretty!



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