Saturday, 12 March 2016

Saving money with Groupon Coupons

I've been booking a lot of beauty treatments through Groupon lately, I've just had an absolutely amazing restyle, full head of highlights, treatment and toner for £34 and I've got a hot stone massage that I need to book that I can't wait for.

It's also very very rare that I buy/book anything online without googling for a discount coupon too - I just booked my first AirBnB stay and at the last minute googled and found a discount code for my destination which I was very pleased about!

So, excitingly for those of us that love a bargain Groupon are now doing Groupon Coupons - discount coupons at a massive variety of different retailers, yay! Here are just a small selection of some of my favourite retailers that you can get Groupon discounts on:

That's right - YSL Beauty, people, this is not a drill! There are actually a few pieces I want to buy like new trainers, Timberlands, a leather jacket - all things that don't come cheap so I'm definitely off to Groupon coupons to have a look to see I can save some cash on them.


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