Sunday, 22 November 2015

A Rustic Christmas

It's coming! The adverts have started, the weather's got colder and there seems to be an influx of Christmas jumpers appearing in the shops!  With this in mind, it's got me thinking about changing up our Christmas decorations.  When we first moved in together 5 years ago we went for a 'more is more' approach on our silver and purple colour theme.

Obviously my tastes have totally changed in those 5 years and I kind of want a more rustic, Nordic type of Christmas theme this year so it got me thinking about starting again with some new decorations. Here's some of my inspiration:

I definitely want a new christmas tree as well and I think the one above looks really natural.

What theme are you going for with your decorations this year? Do you like the rustic Christmas look?


  1. Well, this is a true rustic Christmas theme. Now I know what to get :)

    1. I find it way too easy to spend money on Christmas decorations Jules and they only get used for a few weeks each year, eeek ha ha x

  2. A lovely post to get you in the festive mood. Take a look at Homedics.


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