Monday, 24 January 2011

What I always buy whenever the Boots No 7 vouchers are going...

...No 7 Cleanse and Care Eye Make-Up Remover. No matter how much I linger over the cosmetics or think about trying something else, I always stock up on this if there's a 3 for 2 or voucher going.

I just like it - all of my make up (including my tricky eyelash primer) comes off really easily, it doesn't irritate my skin in any way and feels really nourishing. Those of you that don't like the feel of oily products on your face may want to give this a miss though.

I also missed out on the Clinique mascara swap, Debenhams were all out when I popped in, booo!


  1. I bought this when I was in the UK and I had a 2 GBP voucher so basically i paid almost nothing for this. While the effect is on par with Lancome bi-facil, the squeeze pump sucks! I could hardly get enough amount on cotton's annoying :(

  2. definately will be having a look at this one when i pop into spend the rest of my vouchers :)
    i'm pretty lazy when it comes to taking off my makeup though, i can't be bothered with cotton wool pads and stuff, just a makeup wipe and then wash my face (tut tut, i know lol) xx

  3. I've turned allergic to the makeup wipes I've been using - and they're not good for cleaning your face properly so I'm weaning myself off!

  4. It's amazing!

    I blogged about this the other day too. :)


  5. It seems like a lot of people are loving no7 at the moment but I've never really been a fan. I don't use make up remover ever really, just the ol' wipes and cleanser for me.

  6. My Shiseido lash primer is a nightmare to get off - it's like rubber cement! This is the only (reasonbly priced) product I've found that means I don't have to pull at my lashes and lose them!

  7. I can't use No7 skincare products.... I reckon I am allergic to an ingredient.
    I always get their make up brushes, they are the best!

  8. Oooo stubborn makeup removal - loving it. I love finding new makeup removal products sometimes wipes even baby ones dry out the skin around my eye.

  9. I've just bought this with a NO7 £5 voucher and it's definitely one of the better makeup removers I've tried :)


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